From the small town of Cathlamet, Washington, Kendall Johns sparked an interest in the world of art at the early age of fourteen years old. In a high school with a graduating class of thirty students, there were no creative courses offered. So with the same inspiration, motivation and determination Kendall uses today in his art, he set out to learn and teach himself the craft. His early start in the music industry helped jump him into the world of Freelancing. Playing his first show at the age of twelve, embarking on his first tour by the age of fifteen and debuting a record at number 20 on the itunes charts by the time he was nineteen, he has seen great success with his music and spent the majority of 2013/2014 on the road touring. Meeting many people along the way, and being the visual creator of his bands, many peers sparked interest in his ability to create. Kendall has now worked with names such as Capture the Crown, Invogue Records, Artery Foundation, Arsonist Get All The Girls, Whether, I and many more.


The graphic designer now resides in the Portland/Metro area in the Pacific Northwest. With no intent of slowing down he strives to make every project better then the last. Expanding his business and craft into the Photography and Videography trade, he is as well rounded and universal as ever. He receives praise for his work flow, communication and turn around time with his clients while still providing a quality product. When taking your business seriously, hire someone who will take it as serious as you. Hire Kendall Johns for your next visual project.


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